The Boy on the Bridge[1] is the first episode of ‘The Alienist.’ It premiered on Monday, January 22, 2018, at 9 p.m. ET/PT across TNT platforms.


New York City. 1896. The heart of America’s Gilded Age. When a young boy prostitute is found butchered on the unfinished Williamsburg Bridge, an alienist named Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Brühl), a newspaper illustrator by the name of John Moore, (Luke Evans), a secretary, Sara Howard (Dakota Fanning) and a police commissioner named Theodore Roosevelt (Brian Geraghty) begin an investigation outside the law to find the serial killer. [1]

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

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  • Clare Calbraith as Mrs. Zweig
  • Oliver Cater as Rosie
  • John Connors as Roundsman Gillory
  • Mariateresa Creasey as Mrs. Mills / Ezra's Mother
  • Jaqueline Deffrerary as Tessie
  • Isabelle De Hertogh as Two-Ton Annie
  • Andy Garthergood as Mr.Mills / Ezra's Father
  • Michael Jibson as Dr. Fuller
  • Lewin Lloyd as Beansie
  • Jamie Kaye as Sally
  • Roland Miskey as Ezra Mills
  • Jed O'Hagan as Razor Riley
  • Tate Pitchie-Cooper as Fatima


  • Jacob James Beswick as Young Roundsman
  • Joe Bone as Police Clerk
  • Nicolo Borgatti as Giorgio Santorelli / Gloria
  • Dominic Boyle as Maxie / Bath House Boy
  • Eugenia Carus as Mrs. Santorelli
  • Harvey Weedon as Paresis Hall Boy #1
  • Aldo Maland as Paresis Hall Boy #2
  • Luke Walker as Paresis Hall Boy #7

Memorable QuotesEdit

Dr. Kreizler: "As an alienist, I treat mental and emotional disorders in my patients, and I try to alleviate their condition. I do not presume to cure them."
John Moore: "My God, Laszlo, sometimes you can be as subtle as a blowtorch."
Sara Howard: "You will please accord me the respect that my position demands."
John Moore: "I'm afraid once seen, those images will remain forever in my head."
Dr. Kreizler: "I'm certain cold-blooded killers walk among us."
Dr. Kreizler: "I must follow this wherever it goes. Even if it leads me to the darkest pit of Hell."


Photo by Kata Vermes and Jesse Giddings. [Courtesy of TNT Pressroom]

Photo by Kata Vermes and Jesse Giddings. [Courtesy of TNT Pressroom]



  • The episode covers the first seven chapters of Part One of Caleb Carr's novel, with some changes.


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