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Stevie Taggert is Dr. Laszlo Kreizler's teenage groom and carriage driver, saved from a gloomy past.

He's a main character portrayed by Matt Lintz.

Character OverviewEdit

"STEVIE TAGGERT is a tough, young boy employed by Dr. Kreizler as a driver and houseboy. Rescued from the streets by Dr. Kreizler, he, like Mary and Cyrus, has been given a second chance at a better life, and provides companionship as well as service to the doctor."[1]

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Story Edit

New York City, 1896. During one of his night out, Stevie stumbled upon a child on Bowery Street. The urchin was in a state of shock, rambling about something bad on the under construction bridge. He immediately took him to Dr. Laszlo Kreizler's house, where the factotum Cyrus took care of him while Mary, the housekeeper, went to wake up the master of the house so that he could interrogate the urchin about what he witnessed. Once the urchin revealed that a murder had been committed and that the victim was a boy dressed in girl's clothes, Stevie was entrusted with the task of tracking down John Schuyler Moore and leading him to the crime scene. Before leaving, Kreizler ordered Stevie to tell Moore to bring his drawing kit.

Stevie traced Moore to the brothel that the man used to go almost every night and, once climbed into the calash, the young driver whiz through the streets, headed to the crime scene at the under construction bridge. In the meantime, he briefed Moore that Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt would be there, advising him to invent some excuse to be able to overcome the handful of policemen who barricaded the road.

A few days later, Stevie let a frantic John Moore entering Kreizler's house while the rest of the household was in the parlor, making music. [2]

Stevie dined with Cyrus outside the Delmonico's restaurant, waiting for their employer in the carriage. Cyrus was wise enough to remember Stevie to clean their hands, while the boy was already enjoying a leg of lamb.

Later, Dr. Kreizler ordered Sevie to follow John Moore, keeping an eye on the drunk man wandering the street and Stevie followed him to the Paresis Hall, a brothel for homosexuals. [3]

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Notes Edit

  • In the novel, Stevie is obsessed with smoking tobacco cigarettes and finds every opportunity to snatch some of them as soon as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler is distracted.

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References Edit

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