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Paul Kelly is a New York City gangster, and co-owner of the Paresis Hall, an infamous brothel for homosexuals, and associate of Biff Ellison.

He's a guest starring character portrayed by Antonio Magro.[1]

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New York City Police Department, 1896. Paul Kelly had been invited together with his partner Biff Ellison in the office of Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, in order to discuss recent events. Elegantly dressed and with a clean-shaven face, both men introduced themselves as businessmen. As Ellison ranted about having been called to the police station as "a couple of two-bit sneak thieves" when the commissioner "already got the throat slitter behind bars", Kelly offered his pen to the Commissioner since he wasn't able to find his own among the papers of his messy desk. Ellison went on with veiled threats and sneaky remarks about how they had the police officers on their payroll, but Kelly intervened, trying to mitigate the conversation. He claimed that they had an agreement with the police officers, but Roosevelt did not seem to be intimidated or complicit in this. As the commissioner ordered the Paresis Hall to be shut down, Ellison almost lost his temper but Kelly agreed, exchanging a glance with the partner before the two left the office.

Afterwards, Kelly paid Captain Connor's silence, taking out a ten-spot to cover the inconvenience of closin' down from the Captain's bribe. In the meantime, Ellison led a group of young boys dressed in petticoats and lingerie under dirty coats across the street, each carrying their belongings. In fact, the two gangsters simply moved their business into the building opposite the newly shut down Paresis Hall. [2]

When John Moore came to the Paresis Hall to inquire about Gloria, the name taken by Giorgio Santorelli when he was a prostitute at the brothel, Paul Kelly instructed some of the Paresis Hall boys to take care of Moore in one of the upstairs rooms, after he had been drugged by Biff Ellison at the counter. [3]

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Paul Kelly: "I think what Mr. Ellison is trying to say here, Commissioner, is that we are businessmen. In fact, we have enjoyed an understanding with the police over the years."
Commissioner Roosevelt: "And after all the profit from your pandering, gambling, and intimidation, how much do you make from this understanding?"
Paul Kelly: "A great deal."
Paul Kelly (about Connor's bribe): "I took out a ten-spot to cover the inconvenience of closin' down."
Captain Connor: "But you're only shiftin' 'em across the street..."
The Boy on the Bridge

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  • A photo taken behind the scenes has appeared on Antonio Magro's Twitter account, sharing his new look for his role as gangster Paul Kelly, with Falk Hentschel seen behind playing Biff Ellison. [1]
  • Paul Kelly is an in-universe depiction of Paul Kelly, an Italian immigrant who founded the Five Points Gang in New York City after starting some brothels with prize money earned in boxing in the early 20th century.

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