New York City Police Department is the police force with the task to enforce laws and investigate crimes in New York City.


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The police department was the site of an impromptu meeting between Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, John Schuyler Moore and Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt on the Santorelli murder, and the false accusations against Henry Wolff, guilty only of Edwin Band's murder that night.

Unbeknown to Roosevelt, former commissioner Thomas Byrnes had a conversation with journalists outside the police station before Dr. Kreizler arrived, where he disdainfully commented on Roosevelt's work and his politics. Meanwhile, Miss Sara Howard, the commissioner's secretary, was suffering her usual sexual harassment in the workplace from colleagues such as Captain Connor.

Later, Roosevelt summoned Paul Kelly and Biff Ellison, proprietor of the Paresis Hall, the brothel where the late Giorgio Santorelli worked under the name of 'Gloria.' During the meeting with the two gangsters, who fashioned and regarded themselves as businessmen, Commissioner Roosevelt ordered the closure of the brothel. [1]

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  • In 1895, Theodore Roosevelt became President of the NYPD Police Commission. Under his leadership, many reforms were instituted in the New York City Police Department.

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