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Featuring minor characters appeared in the series ‘The Alienist’, whose limited screentime or relevance do not provide enough material to grant an individual page.

Lincoln SteffensEdit

Lincoln Steffens is a reporter interested in Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt's policy in reforming the New York City Police Department.

He's a character portrayed by Jefferson White.

Giorgio SantorelliEdit

Giorgio Santorelli was a young twelve-year-old Italian immigrant hired at the Paresis Hall, where he used to wear women's clothes and went by the name of Gloria.

He is a character portrayed by Nicolo Borgatti.

Mrs. SantorelliEdit

Mrs. Santorelli is a poor Italian immigrant. She doesn’t speak English but her oldest son helps translate what she is saying when Sara Howard and John Moore arrive at her overcrowded slum apartment to investigate Giorgio’s murder. She tells them Giorgio acted different from her other sons and that’s why he ran away. It is implied that Giorgio’s father beat him harshly because of his effeminate nature.[1] She went to Sara at the police station after the murderer sent her a disturbing letter. Her oldest son tries to talk her out of it since the police have been so callous and brutal about hushing the case up. Kreizler deducts that the killer gets sexually aroused witnessing the pain and anguish of others and that he watched her take the letter to the police station because her cries and anxiety excited him. [2]

Enzo SantorelliEdit

Enzo is the oldest Santorelli child. He lives in a dirty, crowded slum with his parents, siblings, and other relatives. He speaks English almost as well as Italian and translates conversations for his mother. He is practical about Giorgio’s death. He understands the police beat his father because they are trying to hush the case up.[1] Enzo tried to dissuade his mother from taking the new evidence to the police station because “they don’t care.” [2]

Benjamin and Sofia ZweigEdit

Mrs. ZweigEdit

Charles BlytheEdit

Ali ibn-GhaziEdit

Ali ibn-Ghazi was a Syrian immigrant sold to Scotch Ann due to gambling debts. Forced to prostitution, he assumed the name of Fatima.

Mr. Van BergenEdit

Mrs. Van BergenEdit

Scotch AnnEdit

Scotch Ann, a pimp based in the Tenderloin, is a character portrayed by Kate Dickie.

“Scotch” is period jargon that would be “Scottish” in today’s terminology. In fact, Ann speaks with a Scottish accent. She is the owner and proprietor of “the Golden Rule,” a basement brothel employing young men who present themselves as females. She expresses annoyance and frustration that the murder of “Fatima” causes her brothel to be shut down. She explains to John Moore and Detective Sergeant Marcus Isaacson that she “bought” Ali Ibn-Gazi, a Syrian immigrant child, “fair and square” from his father to pay off a gambling debt. [2]

Edith RooseveltEdit

Alice RooseveltEdit


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