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Mary Palmer is Dr. Laszlo Kreizler's housekeeper.

She's a character portrayed by Q'orianka Kilcher.

Character OverviewEdit

"MARY PALMER is Dr. Kreizler’s housekeeper. She is an exotic beauty with a bewitching face. After years of abuse and sexual violation, she chained her father to his bed while he slept and set the house on fire. She has never spoken again as a result of those acts. Kreizler discovered her at the Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island and determined that she was not insane. He found ways to communicate with her and to teach her to communicate back. He ultimately brought her into his home as one of his staff. Unlike Cyrus and Stevie, who become part of the investigation, Kreizler wants to keep Mary as far away as possible from the sordid and grisly details of the case, not only for her own security, but also because of his evolving feelings for her. "[1]

Appearance and Personality Edit

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Story Edit

New York City, 1896. Mary knocked incessantly at the door of Dr. Laszlo Kreizler's bedroom in the middle of the night; her face contracted by fear. With a gesture of her head, she waved him to follow her downstairs where Cyrus Montrose and Stevie Taggert were taking care of a child, a harbinger of terrible news about a murder on the under construction bridge.

Several days later, Mary was in the company of the doctor and the rest of the servants in the parlor of Kreizler Mansion, happily listening to them playing music when John Schuyler Moore showed up, bringing news about the murder case.

After Dr. Kreizler was the one who had all the appearance of being the first real contact with the murderer they were searching Mary helped her master to undress, silently listening to his plan to catch the killer, and crying at the thought of it. [2]

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References Edit

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