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Flora is a prostitute regularly visited by John Schuyler Moore. She's a guest starring character in ‘The Alienist,’ portrayed by Emanuela Postacchini.

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New York City, 1896. Flora wore an engagement ring, sitting at the dressing table of her boudoir and teasing her companion, a handsome man sitting on the edge of the bed. Above a succinct petticoat, she wore an elegant dress and her long, curly hair was decorated with a crescent moon-shaped tiara. While the man undressed her, she continued to play the part of the grumpy and treacherous fiancee. In a short time, the two erotically embraced but they were soon interrupted by the brothel's maîtresse. The plump middle-aged woman said that a lad urgently asked for John Schuyler Moore and helped the client getting dressed while talking to Flora in French. In the meantime, Flora washed her nether parts in a basin near the bed. Before John left, he left a coin on Flora's hand while the young prostitute returned the ring to him.

A few days later, John visited Flora again and the two they made the same roleplay again, clearly re-evoking an event from John's past. [1]

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