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I am a man with a past that continues to haunt me every single day. Despite the darkness in my story, Mr. Kreizler graciously took me into his household and gave me a second chance at building a life for myself. I am forever indebted to him and continue to fight the battle against the memories that plague my soul daily.
— Cyrus Montrose[1]

Cyrus Montrose is Dr. Laszlo Kreizler's valet and bodyguard.

He's a main character portrayed by Robert Wisdom.

Character OverviewEdit

"CYRUS MONTROSE is African-American and a towering man who is part of Dr. Kreizler's domestic staff and an extended member of the investigative team that Kreizler puts together. He is Kreizler's carriage driver, but often serves as a de facto bodyguard. Having formerly worked in a bordello as a piano player, he shares a love of music with the doctor and continues to enjoy playing the piano in the doctor's home. Cyrus, like all of Kreizler's domestic staff, was saved by the doctor from incarceration or a mental institution as a result of stabbing a drunken policeman who had threatened a young black woman. He has been the doctor's longest-serving employee."[2]

Backstory Edit

When he was a child, Cyrus had witnessed an assault against his mother. Years later, witnessing a woman violently beaten triggered him to the point of murdering her assailants. As result, he ended up in jail. At the trial, he was acquitted by Dr. Kreizler's intervention and since then Cyrus became grateful to the doctor, becoming his manservant. [3]

Story Edit

New York City, March 3rd, 1896. [4] At Kreizler Mansion, Cyrus took care of a foundling whom Stevie Taggert, Kreizler's coachman, had picked up on the street. The child was greatly shocked for witnessing a horribly mutilated body on the under-construction Williamsburg Bridge, and Cyrus covered him with a blanket and feed him while Dr. Kreizler inquired him about the murder.

Afterward, Cyrus took charge of driving the barouche, accompanying Dr. Kreizler and John Moore during their visits to the Bellevue Hospital and the Police Department.

A few days after the discovery of Giorgio Santorelli's body, he tried in vain to stop Mrs. Zweig from entering Dr. Kreizler's office at the Kreizler Institute but the woman bypassed him, having a verbal confrontation with the alienist that Cyrus witnessed in obsequious silence.

A couple of days later, he was in the company of the doctor, Stevie and Mary Palmer, the housekeeper, in the parlor of Kreizler house, playing at the piano when their delightful evening was interrupted by John Moore, bringing news about the case.

Later, Cyrus was on the verge of accompanying Kreizler and Moore to dinner when the alienist found a suspicious envelope in the barouche, but Cyrus claimed he had not the slightest idea of who could have launched it in the barouche. [5]

Appearance and Personality Edit

Cyrus Montrose is a man of African descent with an impressive build, board shoulder and muscular arms and legs. Cyrus is bald, has brown eyes and freckles on his cheeks. Cyrus is an honest man with a strong sense of honor and family. Cyrus is haunted by the memories of the man he killed, making him a valuable ally in Kreizler's pursuit of a ritualistic murderer. [3]

Memorable Quotes Edit

Cyrus (to Dr. Kreizler): "God created life, but God also created murder. And if you're trying to figure out a reason why you're gonna drive yourself mad."
Cyrus (to Dr. Kreizler): "You want to know what it feels like to murder a man? 'Cause I remember every moment. I remember the blood. I remember the broken teeth. I remember the feeling of that warm flesh of his neck in my hand. Yeah. And you know something else, doctor something I ain't never told nobody? The thing I remember the most is the feeling of pleasure that it gave me."
Silver Smile

Cyrus (to Stevie): "You ain't gotta cut a man's throat to kill him. All you gotta do is cut a man on his leg, nick a vein, you put him away right quick."

Gallery Edit

Photo by Kata Vermes and Jesse Giddings. [Courtesy of TNT Pressroom]

Notes Edit

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Episode Appearance Edit

References Edit

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