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Captain Miller relieved Corporal John Beecham of his duty after witnessing disturbing behavior when they were called to keep the peace during the Haymarket riots.

He's a guest starring character portrayed by Eric Johnson.


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Memorable QuotesEdit

Capain Miller: "You've come all this way to inquire about Corporal Beecham?"
Lucius Isaacson: "You remember him?"
Capain Miller: "Remember him? It's been ten years, and I can't get him out of my head."
Capain Miller: " I've seen men driven to bloodlust out here in the West. Never in a place like Chicago and certainly not in the course of a labor riot."
Capain Miller: "I mean, you must be half-crazy to do what he did that day. [...] I came across him sitting astride a dead striker. Young man body, really in a back alley. He was stabbing at the body with a knife, over and over. That wasn't the worst of it. He was naked from head to foot, drenched in blood. Down there, between his legs, he was stiff as a flagpole."
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